hydrological model

Why you should try RS MINERVE !

Have you ever used RS MINERVE ? Not yet ? Do you know its advantages compared to other similar programs? Some reasons why RS MINERVE could be really interesting for you are given hereafter :

  • The hydrological-hydraulic model can be built with different hierarchical levels (called sub-models) which easily allow the organization of your model per region. A must for large models!
  • The different hydrological models (SOCONT, HBV, SAC-SMA, etc) can be easily converted from one to another in order to test which model provides the best performance.
  • The RS GIS tool allows the connection between the hydrological model and the shapefiles. The simulation and visualization of the results can then be directly realized from the RS GIS.
  • The user-friendly interface has been built for an easy understanding of the program and you can rapidly execute you first hydrological simulation.
  • The calibration module performs perfectly optimization of the hydrological parameters. Different algorithms can be tested and the objective function can be  modified to adapt it to the user’s interest.
  • You do not need to create meteorological series for each element of your model, but only a database with your observed meteorological data. Then,  each element will automatically build its meteorological series based on the database.

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