Next courses with RS MINERVE in Lima, Peru and Valence, Spain

The next courses with RS MINERVE, organized by the CREALP, will take place on 3 and 4 December in Lima and on 16 and 17 December in Valencia, Spain.

First course in Lima will be a course on ‘Hydrological and hydraulic simulations in command line with RS MINERVE’ and will explain the use of the program for real-time operational systems as well as for research projects needing an important amount of simulations or special requirements.

Second course in Valence will be a course on ‘Hydrological and hydraulic modelling with RS MINERVE’ as part of the Master’s Degree programme in Hydraulic and Environment, and will explain main aspects of the software, such as the new automatic creation of hydrological models from GIS shapefiles.

As usual, both courses will combine theoretical and practical sessions to provide the knowledge required to model hydrological basins with the help of RS MINERVE.