Snow-modelling now based on Snow Water Equivalent

The snow-modelling part of the hydrological models integrating a snow component (Snow-GSM, GSM, SOCONT and HBV) has been improved. In former versions of RS MINERVE, the information of Snow water equivalent (SWE) was not directly available. The user only had access to two variables from which the SWE value could be computed: Hsnow, corresponding to the solid fraction of the SWE, and Theta, providing the relative water content.

From the new version 2.6, the variable Hsnow has been replaced by the variable SWE, accounting for both the liquid and the solid fraction of the snow pack:

SWE = Hsnow (solid fraction) + Wsnow (liquid fraction)

Analyses of the snow pack through an information accounting for the entire water content of the snow pack should thereby be made easier to RS MINERVE users.