New Consumer Object

The new Consumer object is already available in the beta version.

It is used to take into account a consumption site (agriculture, cities, etc). A series in the database is used as the demand of the Consumer object. If no information about consummation exists in the database, the parameter Default QDemand is used for the whole period of the simulation as uniform demand.

The Loss Rate parameter provides the distribution losses of a demand site (physical leaks, clandestine connections, etc). If the input discharge (Qup) is sufficient, the delivered flow (Qdelivered) is equal to the Qdemand and the supply requirement (Qsupplied)  is equal to the Qdemand divided by (1-LossRate), otherwise the supply requirement is equal to the input discharge (Qup). Then, the Consumption Rate parameter is used to determine the discharge consumed by the demand site and which is lost (evaporation, embodied products, etc). The discharge remainder (Qreturn) is returned to the main system. The output flow is equal to the input flow minus  the losses and the effective consumption (Qconsumed)

The Consumer object calculates the losses, the consumed discharge as well as the downstream hydrograph, as presented in next equations. At the same time, the object also calculates the unmet demand and the demand coverage (%) series during the simulation period.

The equations are presented hereafter:

Qsupplied = Min(Qdemand/(1 – lossRate), Qup)

Qstream = Qup-Qsupplied

Qlosses= Qsupplied * lossRate

Qdelivered = Qsupplied * (1 – LossRate)

QUnmetDemand= Qdemand- Qdelivered

DemandCoverage = (Qdemand-Qdelivered/ Qdemand*100

Qconsumed= Qdelivered * ConsumptionRate

Qreturn = Qdelivered * (1 – ConsumptionRate)

QDown = QUp – Qlosses – Qconsumed