New version 2.7.6

The RS MINERVE version 2.7.6 is now available on the CREALP website. This new version includes several improvements such as :

  • Changes in the snow model. It has been renamed from Snow-GSM to Snow-SD, which stands for Snow model with a Seasonal Degree-day factor. This annual sinusoidal variation of the degree-day factor had been implemented in the RS MINERVE version 2.4.1 in 2016. In the new version, some parameters of the snow model have been renamed, with the Reference degree-day snowmelt coefficient parameter Asn now named S. The associated parameters (AsnInt, AsnMin and AsnPh) were correspondingly also renamed (into SInt, SMin and SPh). These changes concern also the hydrological models SOCONT and GSM, which include the Snow-SD model.
  • In the GSM model, the Degree-day icemelt coefficient parameter Agl has been renamed into G, as were the associated parameters (AglInt, and AglMin into GInt and GMin).
  • The numerical computation scheme of the river models has been improved, to better preserve initial conditions when saving a model.
  • The Technical manual has been consequently modified.