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New Plugin manager

The Plugin Manager is a new feature of RS MINERVE that allows installing, updating and removing plugins from RS MINERVE. Interaction with the official list of plugins allows the Plugin Manager to inform the user when new versions are available and always show the complete list of available plugins.

RS MINERVE plugin manager

Plugin manager

Available since version


  • Install, Update and Remove existing plugins ;
  • Notify when an installed plugin has an update available, and allow the user to update it ;
  • Install additional (personal) plugins.

And you can download the new CRUEX++ plugin directly from plugin manager. More info about the project on:

New objects descriptions

The new version of RS MINERVE includes new information focused on helping the user to identify and understand each parameter and initial condition. It contains now the description of the parameters and initial conditions as well as the characteristic ranges. It allows quickly understand the usefulness of each of the elements of the program.

You can find more information about hydrological and hydraulics objects in the technical manual.


Video about Hydropower object available from now

RS MINERVE contains different hydrological models for rainfall-runoff, such as GSM, SOCONT, SAC-SMA, GR4J and HBV. The combination of hydraulic structure models (reservoirs, turbines, spillways,…) can also reproduce complex hydropower schemes. In addition, a hydropower model computes the net height and the linear pressure losses, providing energy production values and total income based on the turbine performance and on the sale price of energy.

Basic instructions for using the Hydropower objects in RS MINERVE are presented in youtube.

More tutorial videos in the Hydro10 YouTube Channel.


Did you know that you can directly import and export CSV files from an RS MINERVE database?

The current version of the software includes CSV compatibility allowing the importation and exportation of CSV files. This format is common and fast to prepare and/or modify with programs such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice.

As shown in the image below, CSV importation and exportation are really simple. Do you want to try it? (click on the image to enlarge it)