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Convert shape files into hydrological models

A tutorial video about automatic construction of a hydrological model from shapefiles, using the geographic interface of RS MINERVE.

More tutorial videos in the Hydro10 YouTube Channel.

Hydropower modeling

The new hydropower “object” of RS MINERVE computes the net height and the linear pressure losses, providing energy production values and total income based on turbine performance and sale price of energy. This new object is very useful for evaluating hydropower plants benefits depending on hydro-meteorological scenarios or on different hydropower schemes. More details in the technical manual.

Water consumption in RSM models

A new object Consumer is added to RS Minerve to model the agricultural, municipal (including domestic) or industrial water use.
The Consumer calculates the water use as well as the downstream hydrograph. If the water demand exceeds the water supply, the water shortfall is calculated for the simulation period.
More details in the technical manual.