New object “Structure efficiency”

The recently published version of RS MINERVE (1.1.0) offers a new object, developed by Hydro10 Association, named Structure efficiency. With a simple efficiency coefficient, it allows computing effects of discharge losses in a structure such a canal or a pipe (Output = Input * Efficiency_coefficient).

Users can now model, for example, losses in an irrigation canals network. By changing the coefficients of all Structure efficiency objects in only a few clicks, assessment of losses reduction in the network can now easily be performed.

The developments achieved in 2014 (Consumer, Hydropower, Structure efficiency, etc), trends to easily understand and improve water management to end users.

Course ‘Hydrological and hydraulic modelling with RS MINERVE’ in Lima (Peru) – May 2014

The course ‘Hydrological and hydraulic modelling with RS MINERVE’ has been held on May 6th to 8th 2014 in the Headquarters of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI), in Lima, Peru. Theoretical and practical parts have been combined to provide the required knowledge to model hydrological basins with the help of RS MINERVE, one of the tools supported by Hydro10. About 30 participants from different Peruvian organizations have taken part with great interest and great success.

The course, taught by Javier García Hernández and Alain Foehn, from the Centre de recherche sur l’environnement alpin (CREALP) and both members of the Steering committee of Hydro10, was organized in collaboration with the SENAMHI, the CREALP, the University of Zurich, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Meteodat, Care Perú, ProyectoGlaciares and the Ecole Polytechnique Férédale de Lausanne (EPFL).

More information (in spanish) on this webpage.

Hydropower modeling

The new hydropower “object” of RS MINERVE computes the net height and the linear pressure losses, providing energy production values and total income based on turbine performance and sale price of energy. This new object is very useful for evaluating hydropower plants benefits depending on hydro-meteorological scenarios or on different hydropower schemes. More details in the technical manual.

Time-slice simulation and scenario simulation

Two new modules, specifically created for research institutes or hydrologic/hydraulic projects, have been added to the software RS MINERVE and allow to easily evaluating hydrologic and hydraulic results.

Time-slice simulation facilitates the analysis of large data sets without overloading the computer memory.

Scenario simulation introduces the possibility of simulating multiple weather scenarios or several sets of parameters and initial conditions to study the variability and sensitivity of the model.

Module for automatic calibration of hydrological parameters

A new module for automatic calibration of hydrological parameters is now available. The module uses the SCE-UA algorithm, specially developed for this objective. Update your RS MINERVE software to try this new feature.

Water consumption in RSM models

A new object Consumer is added to RS Minerve to model the agricultural, municipal (including domestic) or industrial water use.
The Consumer calculates the water use as well as the downstream hydrograph. If the water demand exceeds the water supply, the water shortfall is calculated for the simulation period.
More details in the technical manual.

New indicators for model performance assessment

New indicators have been added in the Comparator object for assessing the performance of the hydrological simulations compared with observations.
Seven indicators are now available: Nash, Nash-ln, Pearson correlation coefficient, Bias Score, Relative Root Mean Square Error, Relative Volume Bias and Normalized Peak Error.
You can find more information about these indicators in the Technical Manual.

New User’s Manual with examples

Examples of application in new version of the RS MINERVE – User’s Manual  on the page Documentation.

New version of the User’s Manual includes some examples of application for new users. Enjoy practizing with them!

Technical Manual available

First version of the RS MINERVE – Technical Manual is already available on the page Documentation.

In this version, you can find complete equations of hydrological models GSM, SOCONT, HBV, GR4J,… as well as the file formats for outputs of the model (database, results,…). The user should be able of creating complex database with programming codes (matlab, R,…)

New hydrological models

RS MINERVE simulates the formation of free surface run-off flow and its propagation. The tool is based on object-oriented programming and allows hydrologic and hydraulic modeling according to a semi-distributed conceptual scheme. In addition to particular hydrologic processes such as snowmelt, glacier melt, surface and underground flow due to infiltration, hydraulic control elements, for example gates, spillways, diversions, junctions, turbines and pumps are also incorporated.
The previous list of hydrological models (Snow, Glacier, GR3, SWMM, GSM and SOCONT) is extended with the models HBV (“Hydrologiska Byråns Vattenbalansavdelning”), GR4J (“Génie Rural à 4 paramètres Journalier”) and SAC-SMA (“Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting”).

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