Technical Manual available

First version of the RS MINERVE – Technical Manual is already available on the page Documentation.

In this version, you can find complete equations of hydrological models GSM, SOCONT, HBV, GR4J,… as well as the file formats for outputs of the model (database, results,…). The user should be able of creating complex database with programming codes (matlab, R,…)

New hydrological models

RS MINERVE simulates the formation of free surface run-off flow and its propagation. The tool is based on object-oriented programming and allows hydrologic and hydraulic modeling according to a semi-distributed conceptual scheme. In addition to particular hydrologic processes such as snowmelt, glacier melt, surface and underground flow due to infiltration, hydraulic control elements, for example gates, spillways, diversions, junctions, turbines and pumps are also incorporated.
The previous list of hydrological models (Snow, Glacier, GR3, SWMM, GSM and SOCONT) is extended with the models HBV (“Hydrologiska Byråns Vattenbalansavdelning”), GR4J (“Génie Rural à 4 paramètres Journalier”) and SAC-SMA (“Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting”).

Welcome post

A software, a blog for communicating, people for discussing… Welcome to the new blog created by the Association Hydro10 for supporting and sharing knowledge about the free hydrological – hydraulic software RS MINERVE.
The development of this software started in 2012 thanks to motivated people wanting to propose a hydrologic – hydraulic tool capable of dealing with hydrological issues in natural or equipped basins.
The software RS MINERVE is available from January 2013 and is already used in some projects in Switzerland, France, Spain, Nepal, Tunisia, Peru… and that is just the beginning.
Please join us to discuss all engineering, hydrologic, hydraulic issues and to take advantage of this new software.

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