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Stochastic simulation module

Hydro10 collaborates in the development of RS MINERVE to make the software accessible to a larger number of users. In this context, Hydro10 has developed a new module, called “Stochastic simulation”. This new module is capable of generating a set of simulations based on different parameters or initial conditions with values located in a random interval defined by the user.

This module provides, for each element of the model, simulated hydrographs, corresponding statistics (mean, median, quartiles, minimum and maximum values), and related set of parameters for each simulation.

The new version of RS MINERVE, v1.2.1, already includes this new module that you can test from now.


Time-slice simulation and scenario simulation

Two new modules, specifically created for research institutes or hydrologic/hydraulic projects, have been added to the software RS MINERVE and allow to easily evaluating hydrologic and hydraulic results.

Time-slice simulation facilitates the analysis of large data sets without overloading the computer memory.

Scenario simulation introduces the possibility of simulating multiple weather scenarios or several sets of parameters and initial conditions to study the variability and sensitivity of the model.

Module for automatic calibration of hydrological parameters

A new module for automatic calibration of hydrological parameters is now available. The module uses the SCE-UA algorithm, specially developed for this objective. Update your RS MINERVE software to try this new feature.