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Operational forecast newly based on RSMINERVE 2.0

Since July 2015, the CREALP (Centre de recherche sur l’environnement alpin) provides hydrological forecasts based on the new software version RS MINERVE 2.0.  The forecast results are used as a basis for flood prediction and flood emergency response planning for the Canton of Valais.

Three times a day, the operational system performs real-time forecasts using RS MINERVE 2.0 with command-line scripts.  Two simulation tasks are run at each time:

  • The first task, called ‘Control simulation’ simulates the last 24 hours, based on observed meteorological and measured river discharges. This task serves as control and variable initialization for the second task.
  • The second task is the ‘Forecast simulation’ which provides predicted flows for the Rhone and its tributaries, using the COSMO-7 meteorological forecast from MeteoSwiss.

Called from a DOS Terminal, each task is composed of a VBScript containing all the functions required to perform a hydrological simulation, such as launching RS MINERVE, opening the model, loading the inputs, performing the simulation and saving the results.

Documentation about the use of command-line scripts will be available with the official release of RSMinerve 2.0 in Fall 2015.